About the CCYP Ambassador Program

CCYP Ambassadors help Leanne, the Commissioner for Children and Young People to understand what is important to children and young people. They meet with Leanne throughout the year to discuss key issues and also have opportunities to meet political leaders and other decision-makers at a statewide event. The CCYP Ambassador Program is open to Tasmanian children and young people aged 10-17. Applications for 2022 close Friday, 18 February 2022. More details here.


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About the YEP! Program

Through Your Engagement Place – or YEP! – you’ll find out about ways to engage with Leanne, the Commissioner for Children and Young People and share your views on a range of important topics. This might involve surveys, online chats, focus groups or other activities. You’ll also learn about similar opportunities offered by other groups. You can be involved as much or as little as you like. YEP! is open to any Tasmanian aged 0-17 and you can register at any time of the year.


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YEP! Opportunities

Find out about current opportunities open to Tasmania children and young people to have your voice heard and influence decisions that affect your life. Whether it’s completing a survey, joining a focus group or being a youth council member, there are lots of ways to put your right to participate into action!

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