#SociallySafe – ways to stay entertained, social and safe during the coronavirus pandemic

Since the coronavirus pandemic has started making a few changes to how we go about daily life, lots of children and young people have been asking what you can do now you can’t hang out with your friends as much, play team sports, or even visit your grandparents.


We decided to ask Tassie kids for tips we could share with other young people. Whether it’s group apps to hang out online with your friends, fun stuff you can do at home like learning guitar from your favourite rockstar, or new ways to keep in contact with the people, we’re collecting a list here.


We hope you’ll keep sending us more ideas.


Visit our Instagram account @child_comm_tas to share pics – along with descriptions of what you’re doing with the hashtags #sociallysafe and #CCYP. Or you can email us at childcomm@childcomm.tas.gov.au.


Things to do at home alone

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Go on a virtual visit

If you have the travel bug, you can still visit places you love from the safety of your bedroom. Whether you’re wanting to check out Disney World, take a roller coaster ride, visit a national park, or check out some dinosaurs at a world-famous museum, there’s a tour online for you.

Here’s just a small list we’ve been sent so far.


Visit Disney and take a ride

Ever wanted to go to Disneyland? Now you can (sort of). Tours of Disney parks like Disney World and Disneyland, are available through Google Street View, so you can check out the parks without having to leave your home.

Want to go on a rollercoaster?

No sweat. There are even virtual big dipper rides on YouTube, with clips of everything from Space Mountain at Disney World to Six Flags’ Kingda Ka. Just search your favorite coasters on YouTube, and you’ll likely find video footage of the ride.

Taylor Rogers/Unsplash


Watch animals at the zoo!

Aquariums and zoos around the world are live streaming their animals to make people feel less alone – and because, let’s face it, watching baby elephants staggering around after their mums is just so cuuuuute! Flynn sent us this webpage with 15 animal livestreams you can watch from home.


Take a hike in a park

Ever wanted to see the Grand Canyon? Maybe Death Valley is more your thing. You can explore 32 national parks with the help of the US National Parks Service with Google Arts and Culture (and while you’re there, they’ve also got other awesome tours of famous tourist spots around the world).

Move it!

OK, so sport has been canceled but you won’t have to turn into a couch potato while the social distancing rules apply.

Here are some things young people tell us they are using to keep fit in the absence of their team sports, pool and gym.

Online workouts

Whether you’re into dance cardio workouts, yoga or you’ll find something to wear you out online.

Coach Nine is running free PE lessons for kids on his YouTube page for little kids up to college.

Active by POPSUGAR app is offering a wide range of workouts free. These include workouts from celebrity trainers and experts in the categories of strength, cardio, yoga, and Pilates as well as fitness challenges.



Group catch-ups